UNABLE TO MEET PROJECT P&L GOALS (Field Services Project Manager, Professional Service Organization) – 5

This is about the amount you will bring in and the profit you will make out of your projects, yet,  you are facing challenges.


We Know Why…


  • Is it because you can’t see or analyze all labor data until after payroll is processed? 
  • People charging labor? 
  • Time card cycle? 
  • Payroll cycle?
  • How often are you over budget on payroll? 
  • % On average, by how much monthly? 
  • Can you view committed time before it’s posted to your project?
  • Could you automatically review and approve (from your desktop or any internet browser) all timecards charged to the project to that point in time, whether it is posted or not, without waiting for the next payroll cycle?

Face the challenge and think about moving forward.