UNABLE TO MEET PROJECT P&L GOALS (Field Services Project Manager, Professional Service Organization) – 10

This is about the amount you will bring in and the profit you will make out of your projects, yet,  you are facing challenges.


We Know Why…


  • Is it because of the missing billable hours? 
  • You can’t do a gap analysis?  
  • Are all hours billed?  
  • How many do you miss? 
  • Is this information available on a weekly basis?  
  • Do you find out when it’s too late to correct billing?  
  • Who else needs up to date information?  
  • What does it cost the company to not have it? 
  • Could not make comments on timecards, provide supporting documentation for all billed hours for an employee in a  specific area of a project?


Face the challenge and think about moving forward.