It’s obvious to see why field service businesses are having difficulties. Field service business’s primary task is scheduling, creating a list of service visits, and visited. And aren’t spreadsheets just ideal list-processing tools?


Then why is it a challenge? We Know Why…


  • Is it because it is challenging to schedule the appropriate technician?
  • Does it require the service manager or dispatcher to know the skill level and experience of each technician?
  • How do they determine the best person?
  • Has the wrong person ever been sent out?
  • Do they ever get sent back? How much has that cost?
  • How much time was wasted?
  • What was the time delay in getting the problem resolved?
  • Could not look up the skills of each technician and their schedule, availability, parts on hand, and location.


One of the vital data necessary for Field Service is customer information. If you are having difficulty with this, then it’s time to think about moving forward.