It’s obvious to see why field service businesses are having difficulties. Field service business’s primary task is scheduling, creating a list of service visits, and visited. And aren’t spreadsheets just ideal list-processing tools?


Then why is it a challenge? We Know Why…


  • Is it because it is difficult to get customer information? How much time does it take to get all the information? –Taking too much time and keeping them on the line.  
  • Can you get a service history? — So you won’t have to make the client repeat themselves of what happened. 
  • Do you use multiple systems? Are they integrated? — Or is it like customer information is all over the place? There is no central database of all customer information, including service history and billing?
  • Are problems sometimes misdiagnosed? — Due to a long time of just looking for information, you tend to conclude fast? 


One of the vital data necessary for Field Service is customer information. If you are having difficulty with this, then it’s time to think about moving forward.