Accelerated Sales

Automate Your Sales Process

Help sales teams work on the most profitable and winnable deals.

Our business is growing.

Is your sales pipeline showing what stage sales deals are at?

Are you making business decisions based on real-time information?

Is your sales team working on the right leads, at the right time?

These are questions most growing small and medium sized companies face. And if you want to keep succeeding, your sales teams need to close more deals faster. With Sage CRM you can answer these questions, accelerate sales and generate a quicker return on investment.

Discover the secret behind Katalina Media’s 240 percent increase in revenues
Katalina Media is a UK-based producer of films for businesses and corporations.

The company’s management wanted to target qualified corporate leads and scale the company quickly. To do this, they knew the company needed a more efficient sales process. The company purchased Sage CRM and today uses it to manage key sales processes. The company’s sales team identify sales opportunities in Sage CRM, track them at every stage and act on real-time information to follow up with leads and customers Using Sage CRM, Katalina Media increased sales and has grown revenue by 240 percent year-on-year.

How Sage CRM helps businesses acceleratesales
Sage CRM provides sales teams with powerful tools and quick access to the information they need to manage and progress leads and opportunities. It is helping thousands of small and medium sized businesses across the globe automate their sales process. And Sage CRM gives you and your sales team detailed account and pipeline information so you can close deals faster.

Sage CRM provides:

  • Real-time business information: prepare for important sales meetings using up-to-date customer details.
  • Powerful out of the box sales reports: make more informed business decisions faster.
  • Accurate forecasts and opportunity management: see what stage sales deals are at in your pipeline.
  • Sales opportunity tracking: progress leads, convert them to opportunities and allocate them to the right reps or teams.
  • Sales dashboards: give sales executives and managers the information they need to see sales performances in real-time.
  • Business Accelerators for Sales: track KPIs, help sales people become more productive and close sales faster.