Service Order Manager

Customer Portal

  • Customers can
    Log job requests
    Follow status of job requests through to completion
    Check their site and equipment history
    Check billing history
    Check agreement/contract information
    Check preventative maintenance schedules, tasks and activities
    Perform equipment, model and site searches
  • Dashboard shows
    My Requests
    My Equipment
  • View requests; create new request
  • Equipment, model and site search


Customer Portal


  • View and edit job requests


Customer Portal 2


  • Equipment Folio
    Equipment, site, purchase, warranty, history and billing details
    Document requests
    Maintenance tasks and activities


Customer Portal 3


  • Equipment Maintenance
    Posted to job, awaiting posting to job, next maintenance due, future maintenance


Customer Portal 4


  • General site or specific equipment request


Customer Portal 5


  • Search options
    Equipment, model and site search
    Filter and group as required


Customer Portal 6