UNABLE TO MEET PROJECT P&L GOALS (Field Services Project Manager, Professional Service Organization) – 1

This is about the amount you will bring in and the profit you will make out of your projects, yet,  you are facing challenges.


We Know Why…

  •  Is it because resources are underutilized? 
  • You do not know which employees are more billable or generate more revenue than others?
  • How many employees?
  • How do you track performance? 
  • What do you base reviews on? 
  • Compensation? 
  • How do you identify dead weight? 
  • Determine which mix of skills gets the highest rates and are the most billable? How much time does it take? # Cost? 
  • Could not access real-time information on labor, billing, and commitments?


If your answer is YES, then it’s time to think about moving forward.