Roger Electric Company

Sage 300 ERP Is a High Voltage Solution for Roger Electric Company

Wholesale DistributionRoger Electric Company was founded by Roque A. Rivera in 1971, and it quickly became the number-one distributor of electrical supplies in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean. Catering primarily to contractors, the company carries the top brands and backs its products with professional, knowledgeable support and service. A busy operation like Roger Electric Company needs an ERP solution that works as hard as it does. Roger Electric Company has found that solution in Sage 300 ERP.*

Support for Growth Trajectory
The company implemented Sage 300 ERP software back in 1986, replacing a largely manual accounting system. Roger Electric Company sought a scalable ERP solution that would support its expected growth trajectory. The company also requires excellent reporting capabilities. “We want a hands-on approach to handling our accounting, purchasing, and sales departments,” says Angel Rivera, president of Roger Electric Company. “We have multiple departments, job roles, and locations, and we need an effective way to provide accurate, precise, and timely information to everyone who needs it. Sage 300 ERP delivers that information.”

Optimizing Inventory
Roger Electric Company maintains a large inventory of parts and supplies and seeks to optimize its mix of products to ensure it has adequate stock on hand to meet demand, without overstocking. To help the company with this balance, sales reports in Sage 300 ERP software detail purchases and sales by product category and item number, and compare those figures with prior years.

“We can measure the demand of individual items or product lines,” explains Rivera. “If a product shows an increase in demand, we may decide to carry more stock, and a product with declining demand may be phased out.”

Purchasing Power
As the company has grown, its purchasing operation has grown increasingly complex and requires more sophisticated tools to effectively manage vendors and ordering.

Roger Electric is a busy distributor whose operations demand advanced distribution, inventory control, and point- of-sale functionality. Solution
Sage 300 ERP has grown with the company for more than 25 years. More recently, the company added Orion Point of Sale.

Sophisticated purchasing and inventory control functionality help the company manage its valuable inventory. Integrated POS streamlines counter sales.

wholesale-distribution3bSage 300 ERP delivers the functionality Roger Electric Company needs to keep its purchasing operation running smoothly. Vendor performance is tracked, enabling the company to obtain the best pricing, terms, and delivery. Purchase orders can be automatically generated based on inventory reorder information or customer sales orders.

Once generated, purchase orders are sent by email directly to suppliers, streamlining and speeding the cycle. A single order may be used to order supplies for multiple branch locations, denoted by the warehouse code on the order. “Our purchasing staff gives Sage 300 ERP a ten out of ten for performance,” Rivera says. “They love the way the electronic workflow makes their tasks easier.”

As purchase orders are completed and vendor invoices received, the integration with the Accounts Payable module helps ensure accuracy and eliminates duplicate data entry tasks.

Point of Sale
Roger Electric Company has retail operations at each of its branch locations, serving both the commercial and the occasional homeowner client. An integrated point-of-sale solution was therefore an important consideration for the company. “We selected the Orion Point of Sale solution that integrates with Sage 300 ERP,” Rivera says. “It was chosen in particular because it allows our branch locations to produce the daily reports, plus it provides our salespeople with an effective way to look up pricing on items and invoicing at the same time.

A wireless barcode scanner is connected to the retail workstations and as sales transactions are completed at the counters, invoices are created and inventory is adjusted in Sage 300 ERP. “It is easy to use and handles all of the back-end transactions, giving us more time to serve our customers,” says Rivera. “We now have more than 100 users of our point of sale system.”

Supporting and Promoting Growth
During the tenure of Sage 300 ERP software, Roger Electric Company has grown from a single store to more than a dozen and has grown its revenues exponentially. “We were one store and a few million in sales when we started,” recalls Rivera. “Today, we have 14 locations, a large distribution center, and sales in excess of $50 million.”

Rivera credits the software with supporting and promoting that growth. “Sage 300 ERP has revolutionized our operations,” he says. “With the business intelligence it provides, we can quickly determine which of our actions are delivering favorable results— and which are not. Our growth would not have been possible without a powerful accounting and operational resource such as Sage 300 ERP.”