CHIN Radio Dials

in Success With Sage 300 ERP

Radio and Television BroadcastingCHIN Radio is the first multicultural/multilingual station to be established in Ontario. It is the pioneer in multicultural radio broadcasting and leads the way for similar broadcast operations to be established in other communities. CHIN Radio reaches out in over 30 languages to cultural communities in the greater Toronto metropolitan and southern Ontario areas. The company has expanded into television broadcasting as well, offering a similar multicultural experience to its TV audiences. For its accounting system, CHIN Radio relies on Sage 300 ERP.*

An Integrated Solution
When CHIN Radio moved to update its accounting system, it sought a modern, flexible solution capable of interfacing its advertising revenue application. CHIN Radio selected Sage 300 ERP.

“Our traffic and billing software is at the core of our operation; it is where all of our advertising is scheduled, managed, and billed,” explains Stan Reeve, chief financial officer for CHIN Radio. “We needed an accounting application that could integrate with our system to give us faster access to financial data and enable us to produce better financial reports. Sage 300 ERP is flexible and adaptable enough to fill that need.”chin-radio

Efficient Conversion
CHIN Radio’s Sage business partner was able to migrate the data from the company’s legacy system into Sage 300 ERP, giving the company access to both historical and current financial data from the start. “We were concerned we would have to manually rekey opening balances and our accounts payable, but our partner was able to effectively extract the data from our old system and import it into Sage 300 ERP,” says Reeve. “They eased the conversion, and we still rely on them for support and advice.”

CHIN Radio needed a modern and flexible accounting solution to replace its outdated application.

Sage 300 ERP delivers the powerful reporting tools and robust integration options that this busy organization demands.

Integration with industry billing application saves manual data entry time and eliminates errors. Flexible reporting tools make data more accessible.

Easy Data Access
Two of the biggest benefits CHIN Radio realized from Sage 300 ERP are the quick and easy access to expense data and the ability to rapidly produce detailed financial reports. “The software retains expense transaction detail that enables us to quickly identify and troubleshoot anomalies,” Reeve says.

With its legacy system, CHIN Radio staff had to print reports to paper in order to view the data. With the modern Sage 300 ERP solution, staff has multiple options for viewing vital data, including traditional paper reports, electronic PDFs, and on- screen queries. “I love the drill-down and search features that help us find the data we need quickly,” says Reeve.

Powerful Integration Tools
The integration between the traffic software application and Sage 300 ERP eliminates costly data entry time and the errors associated with manual entry.

The flexibility of the import tools available for Sage 300 ERP makes it easy for the business partner to modify the import utility as new revenue streams are added. “This is a vital component to our operation,” says Reeve. “We are very pleased with how it works and have greater confidence in our data as a result.”

The Right Choice
“We made the right choice with Sage 300 ERP,” concludes Reeve. “It performs every day and is adaptable to the changes we throw at it.”