Paragon Home Loans

Makes a Wise Investment in Sage 300 ERP

Mortgage LendingParagon Home Loans has been investing in the state of New York for nearly 25 years, helping residents realize their dreams of home ownership. In the past year alone, the organization has doubled in size. Paragon Home Loans recently updated its accounting and financial software to a powerful business management solution that offers the flexibility and security this growing business demands—Sage 300 ERP.*

Straightforward Transition
“We had been using Sage Pro ERP for many years,” recalls Tammy Campbell, controller at Paragon Home Loans. “Our rapid growth really dictated a move to a more robust system with strong reporting tools.” The organization’s decision to choose Sage 300 ERP was influenced by the ease of migration between products and the excellent support of a local Sage business partner. “Having local support available was very important to us,” says Campbell. “We wanted assistance during the conversion to ensure our general ledger accounts transferred correctly and we were able to get the financial reports we needed.”

Powerful Financial Reporting
As a financial institution, Paragon Home Loans places enormous importance on the auditability of its records, and Sage 300 ERP passes even the most rigorous examination. With several branches and with multiple departments within those branches, this organization has complex financial reporting requirements. However, many of the reports it requires are standard reports within Sage 300 ERP. With the help of the company’s Sage business partner, other more specialized reports were created to match the output it requires. “Our auditors praise the look of our Sage 300 ERP reports. We are able to look at the organization in many ways – as a whole, by department, across all branches, by individual branch, and more,” says Campbell. “I also like how easy it is to download data to Microsoft Excel ® for further analysis.”

Streamlined Payable Processing
Campbell appreciates the intuitive operation of the Sage 300 ERP Accounts Payable module, which simplifies the processing of the organization’s appraisal invoices. She can associate an invoice with a loan customer and later find an individual invoice by searching on this attribute. In Sage 300 ERP, Paragon Home Loans has found an accounting and financial reporting tool that offers powerful functionality, ease of use, and a bulletproof audit trail—all supported by a conscientious and knowledgeable local partner.