Women Management

Sage 300 ERP Creates a Model of Efficiency for Women Management

Modeling & Talent ManagementWomen Management, founded in New York in 1989, is a model management company that has directed the careers of some of the most famous supermodels in the world, commanding the respect and attention of the industry’s most powerful designers, photographers, and magazines. Until recently, the company endured widespread inefficiencies due to lack of integration between its business software systems that handled operations and accounting functions. The company employed Long Island, New York-based NextLevel Information Solutions to devise a fully integrated system that would tie together its ModelWire operations software with a new accounting system.

NextLevel implemented the Sage 300 ERP* accounting system and its own custom- programmed middleware solution, Model Blotter, which captures individual models’ earnings and expenses and enables financial data to pass through seamlessly to Sage 300 ERP Receivables, Payables, and General Ledger. Since the implementation, Women Management has realized a significant return on investment (ROI) with reductions in accounting personnel and outside audit costs, improved reporting capabilities, and increased efficiency.

Business Systems Without Integration Compromise Productivity
ModelWire, Women Management’s main operations package, is an image delivery, invoicing, and booking system. Unfortunately, ModelWire did not integrate with either of the company’s outdated accounting software packages: an antiquated model accounting system for handling payroll, tracking revenues and expenses for models, and the clients’ accounts receivable data; and an entry-level accounting system used for general ledger and accounts payable. The lack of integration between systems resulted in time-consuming, redundant processes that diminished productivity and compromised the effectiveness of decision-making across the enterprise. Because the accounting office was hard-pressed to provide timely and meaningful reporting to management, the models, their accountants, and tax advisors, Women Management determined that it was time to overhaul its business management systems.

Lacking integration between business systems, Women Management endured systemwide inefficiencies and limitations that compromised productivity and decision-making.

Sage 300 ERP integrates with modeling industry-specific solutions to provide seamless accounting, reporting, and analysis capabilities.

Women Management now benefits from real-time data and much-needed management reports. Expense reductions have been phenomenal.

modelng2Sage 300 ERP Delivers Stellar ROI for Women Management
Women Management decided to integrate its ModelWire operations system with a new accounting solution that could integrate all information automatically and produce customized reports. Specific objectives included: 1) Paying vendors and capturing typical general ledger expenses while simultaneously recording expenses incurred by Women Management on behalf of models; 2) Recording overall corporate revenues from ModelWire and account for model-related income; 3) Disbursing model payroll (earnings net of expenses).

Mark Lehr, managing partner of NextLevel Information Solution’s New York office, was enlisted to devise and implement a new solution. He recommended and installed the Sage 300 ERP accounting solution. NextLevel then integrated its own custom-programmed middleware solution, Model Blotter, which interfaces with ModelWire and the Sage 300 ERP Accounts Payable vendor and invoice files, Accounts Receivable customer and invoice files, and General Ledger. Model Blotter allows detailed analysis and reporting of model profitability, withholding tax, company and “mother agency” commissions, and corporate earnings. Financial reporting, including accounts payable and receivable, is handled through Sage 300 ERP. “The flexibility, configuration, and accessible architecture of Sage 300 ERP made the entire project possible,” said Lehr.

Carol Rowbo, CPA and controller for Women Management, believes that Sage 300 ERP is the perfect solution for Women Management. “Sage 300 ERP, ModelWire, and Model Blotter comprise a seamless and comprehensive system that is second to none in the industry,” she said. “The cost of the software and implementation has already been offset by the reduction of costs associated with accounting staff and outside audit costs. Sage 300 ERP is an amazing tool for management.”