Caprock Home Health Services

Moves to Sage 300 ERP

Home Health Care For 30 years, Caprock Home Health Services, Inc. (Caprock) has been providing attendant and skilled nursing care that enable its clients to remain in their homes. When the time came to replace its older accounting software package, Caprock sought a robust financial accounting application capable of handling its multiple locations and myriad of programs, and it chose Sage 300 ERP.*

“We had been using Sage Pro ERP since 1999,” recalls Carolyn Bigham, accounting manager for Caprock. “Although it had served us well, we had outgrown it. Sage 300 ERP delivers all that we were looking for, and the price was very competitive.”

Strong Local Support Network
In addition to its strong financial reporting, consolidation, and payroll capabilities, Sage 300 ERP offered another valuable asset. “We found a local partner here in our town,” says Bigham. “I cannot say enough about the importance of a strong business partner. Our Sage partner is responsive and knowledgeable, and we consider them part of our operation.”

The business partner was able to transfer years of historical data from Sage Pro to Sage 300 ERP, and configured an import utility that transfers data from Caprock’s medical billing software into its accounting application. “Before, we had to create manual journal entries to bring in this data,” explains Bigham. “It was time consuming and did not support the level of detail we need for financial reporting. Now, it is an automated process that saves us a lot of time and effort.”

Streamlined Payroll Processing
Caprock utilizes the Sage 300 ERP Payroll module to pay its more than 2,000 employees. Hours, location, program, and task data from the medical billing software are imported into the Payroll module, where checks are generated. The level of detail in Sage 300 ERP facilitates tax allocation and reporting.

Financial Reporting and Consolidations
With 12 locations and 30 programs, Caprock’s financial reporting requirements are complex and extensive. The company needs the ability to slice and dice the data in various ways. “For example, we might want to look at a single program across all locations, or all programs in a single location,” says Bigham. “We couldn’t achieve this in our old software, so we relied on spreadsheets. With the capabilities inherent in Sage 300 ERP and our partner’s expertise, we can now print all of the reports we need directly from the software.”