33 items Checklist for an Comprehensive Job Service Software


1. Do you create jobs?
2. If so, do you create a job from a template or do you create it from scratch?
3. Do you perform recurring jobs?
4. Do you generate quotes?
5. Do you sell goods?
6. Do you link jobs to projects?
7. Do you track phases in jobs?
8. Do you use subcontractors?
9. Do you track serial numbers for items sold?
10. Do you track serial numbers for parts used?
11. Do you allocate labor to jobs?
12. Do you allocate employees to jobs and track their performance?
13. Do you allocate spares to jobs?
14. Do you allocate miscellaneous charges to jobs?
15. Do you issue spares or parts to jobs?
16. Do you have multiple price lists?
17. Do you do standard jobs that can be based on templates?
18. Are purchase orders or requisitions raised against specific jobs?
19. Do you track items outstanding on purchase orders per job?
20. Do you return equipment to inventory from jobs?
21. Do you transfer equipment between jobs?
22. Do you require a return authorization process for warranty equipment to be collected from customers and returned to manufacturers?
23. Do you track your shipments for return authorizations?
24. Do you provide loan equipment?
25. Do you record fault codes and descriptions on the job?
26. Do you want access to the fault knowledge base from the job?
27. Do you prioritize your jobs?
28. Do you allocate a job status to each job?
29. Do you need to be able to create jobs from previous jobs, quotes, or templates?
30. Do you notify your employee by e-mail about outstanding jobs?
31. Do you want to graphically view job and employee schedules together with resource loading information?
32. Do you track estimated against actuals for quantities, costs, and revenue?
33. What forms do you need to print, for example invoice, credit note, picking slip, job card, confirmations, quotes, or others