Five Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Service and Maintenance Application

Mistake #1:
Not doing enough homework.
Analyzing and then selecting a service and maintenance application takes time and effort. Information is critical to selecting the most appropriate system for your organization. By reading this booklet, you’re already a step ahead of most people.

Mistake #2:
Misunderstanding the benefits of automation. Automating service operations and related functions can save your organization considerable time and money. However, if you don’t also improve your current core processes, automating your system won’t deliver the full return on investment you require.

Mistake #3:
Ignoring hard-to-quantify benefits. It is difficult to calculate possible future gains such as increased productivity, better efficiency, improved customer service and other hard-toquantify benefits after a new system has been successfully implemented. Remember, these kinds of benefits can dramatically improve your bottom line and should not be overlooked.

Mistake #4:
Passing the buck. Top management and other key personnel within the organization must be involved in the selection and the implementation process. For the project to be a success, management needs to stay involved.

Mistake #5:
Underestimating the ramp-up and debug phase of a project. Many companies assume a well-designed system will operate at peak levels shortly after they make the purchase. The best system will not perform as expected until properly trained personnel have developed complete competency with the system. Allow users to gain confidence through a gradual process of operational ramp-up, including incremental training and system usage. Wait to introduce users to new and more complex system functions until they have mastered the basics.

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