21 Questions to ask about Equipment Features when Selecting a Job Service and Maintenance Software



1. Do you have standard equipment models?
2. Do you need to easily see the link among pieces of equipment, their respective models, and the corresponding manufacturers?
3. Does each model have a warranty period?
4. Does each model need a different response time?
5. Do you track planned maintenance?
6. Do you use meters?
7. Do you create meter agreements—that is, contracts based on meter readings?
8. Do any of your equipment models have multiple meters applied to them?
9. Do you use meter readings for maintenance purposes?
10. Do you use meter readings for billing purposes?
11. Do you track accessories?
12. Do you use master and component relationships?
13. Do you track serial numbers for your equipment?
14. Do you need to track all the information related to the useful life of the equipment you service, including costs, revenue, repair history, meter readings, customer notes, and more?
15. Do you track information such as in-service date, current status, and “on agreement”?
16. On meters, how often do you take readings?
17. Do you create schedules for planned maintenance?
18. Do you have multiple planned maintenance tasks in a single schedule—for instance, one set of tasks for a 5,000-mile service and another set for a 10,000-mile service?
19. Are your service intervals based on meter readings or other measurements, such as “time since last service”?
20. Do you set response times on equipment to be serviced?
21. Do you create miscellaneous equipment when serial numbers are not known?